Cala Llonga – Ibiza

Cala Llonga is one of Ibiza’s most popular resorts for the whole family. Cala Llonga is located seven miles south of Santa Eulalia and has everything a family could wish for. Here you’ll find a good range of shops, restaurants and cafes. Ibiza’s large golf course is just minutes away too.

There are also small playgrounds and amusement parks for children. Cala Llonga also attracts many couples with September being a very popular month. The resort was developed by The British and therefore has a very British style and atmousphere.

The single biggest reason for the popularity of the resort is Llonga Cala beach. Situated in a bay surrounded by hills Cala Llonga Beach is one of the island’s finest beaches. Here you can try windsurfing, water ski and take diving lessons. Cala Llonga is a quiet retreat compared to San Antonio and Ibiza Town and tourists here escape Ibiza’s wild nightlife.

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